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We are currently working on a short list of popular Dual Sport bikes that we will start rebuilding into purpose built no more to spend Australian Dirt Road Tourers. At the moment we have a collection of the following that are being prototyped and once we find out which ones need the least modification and custom work, we will put an example of each up for sale:


  • Kawasaki KLE 500, KLR 650
  • Honda NX/XL 650, Transalp 650
  • Suzuki DR 650, DL 650
  • BMW 1100/50 GS


We hope that we can offer for sale as new versions of these bike with all the modification necessary to make a good basic Adventure Bike and then a limited collection of custom modifications and accessories to add that final touch so you get the best bike for your needs without then need to  mortgage the house.

They will all be based on used versions of each bike and will fall into two categories:


  • ReFreshed (for those with low Ks and in reasonable cosmetic condition)
  • ReBorn (for those with high Ks or dubious histories)


For each of these beginnings we will have 2 main variants:


  • As It Comes (no cosmetic work other than what necessary for mechanical and practical work)
  • Face Lifted (where a complete cosmetic strip down and refurbish is done)
That way you can invest your money where you think it has value. The less cosmetic work that gets done the less the bikes will cost. Therefore you can have all the function and forget the form OR have the best of both worlds. Its up to you.
The first two bikes are nearing completion and will be up on this site and Bikesales and ADVRider soon. Watch this space for the first pictures and specs as they come to hand.
If you have always wanted a particular Adventure Bike customised and never found the right one or cant get the time money or skills to do it yourself, Drop us a line and we may be able to slide one into the line and do it for you.
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Fogging Visor

No matter how expen$ive your helmet is, it will fog up in the cold weather. Other than a nose bridge type insert (which fog up eventually anyway) there is only one way to prevent it. Firstly, clean it with a good anti fog glass cleaner (I just use Mr Sheen), then put a drop of washing up liquid from under the kitchen sink on a clean cloth, smear it all over the inside of your visor, then with a clean dry section f the cloth, wipe the detergent off untill you can't see that there is any there. There will i  fact still be a thin film of detergent there and it will prevent the moisture from condensing in a way that causes fogging. Finally, breathe like you are trying to blow bread (or pie ) crumbs off your chin. Tantric breathing!! Yoga whilst riding.